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Export carrots + price list and buying and selling in Russia

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The price of carrots for export to RussiaProblems of carrot cultivation for export and solutions (Export carrots)Carrot packaging for export (Export carrots)Different countries receive different packages, including:Carrot destination countries for export
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Carrots are available for export without intermediaries, with high quality and up-to-date packaging and a very reasonable price for export to all countries.

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The price of carrots for export to Russia

Carrots sent to Russia have different prices based on quality and packaging. The carrots we export must have certain standards. For example, carrots sent to Russia are at least 15 cm long.

Each carrot should be at least 2.5 cm in diameter. We should not send damaged or bent carrots in the export of carrots to Russia.
We determine the cost of exporting carrots to Russia based on the mentioned parameters and specifications. The cost of exporting carrots can also be influenced by how it is packaged. In the following paragraphs we discuss the types of shipments that may be shipped to Russia.

Supply and demand is one of the elements that has the greatest impact on the price of export carrots. so that it leads to significant fluctuations in the price of exported carrots on a daily basis.

Export carrots

Problems of carrot cultivation for export and solutions (Export carrots)

Occasionally crops face problems such as frost or insects. And as a result, it will bring a decrease in the entry of high-quality carrots to the market and carrot packaging.

However, the quantity demanded is either stable or increasing. Carrots will be significantly more expensive for export.

The opposite is also true. Imports of export-quality carrots are increasing for reasons such as intensive growing practices.

Moreover, the demand for carrots is both stable and declining. As a result, the supply is more than the demand. Therefore, carrots become significantly more affordable in the market.

This confidence is guaranteed to customers by Golbal Trading Group, which has more than ten years of experience in providing and exporting vegetable and summer products.

We rely on the knowledge we have gained over years of experience in this field. Without using brokers or middlemen, we can buy high quality products directly from farmers. And with multiple packages to meet the needs of our customers.

and deliver to the majority of neighboring countries. Contact our sales staff for more details, recommendations or to purchase this product.

Export carrots

Carrot packaging for export (Export carrots)

As mentioned, the export price of carrots to Russia is influenced by the type of packaging of this product, which we will discuss further.

Workers put the carrots in the designated bags after harvesting from the agricultural areas. We then transfer the carrots to special washing centers.

Initial monitoring has been completed. During this inspection, employees remove carrots that are damaged, small, or misshapen. Then the workers put carrots that are in good shape and condition into clear plastic bags.

This is the first category of products. We will explain about different carrot importing and exporting countries. For example, Iraq buys these carrots. This indicates that the first leg and 20 kg of packaging is complete. We process export carrots for shipment to Iraq.

Some countries like Persian Gulf countries buy export carrots in 6 kg baskets. Workers move carrots that have passed primary sorting to the company’s sorting equipment for secondary inspection.

At this stage, the female employees remove the carrots from the cellophane and arrange them according to the customer’s taste. The workers divide the carrots into small and very large sizes.

If the broken carrots have entered the bag in the previous step, the workers carefully sort them and take them out of the bag. Finally, we put the product in the packaging specified by the customer.

Export carrots

Different countries receive different packages, including:

  • 6 kg baskets
  • Ten kilograms of transparent cellophane
  • 10 kg transparent bag
  • 8 kg packaging, 10 kg custom cellophane printing

For example, cardboard packaging is more expensive than alternative packaging options. Obviously, the country that ordered this item has shown its preferences.

For example, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates only buy carrots packed in baskets from exporters. Exported carrots are sold in plain, branded or transparent cellophane packaging in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other former Soviet countries.

Turkey and European countries buy carrots packed in printed cartons for export.
Obviously, you should note that carrots packed in boxes can be transported over long distances. As the crop loses moisture, it grows smoother.For packaging using cartons, we must first wrap carrots in nanocellophane and place them in cartons.

As a result of the export of carrots it is more expensive in cartons than their exports in other packages.

Export carrots

Carrot destination countries for export

Iran exports carrots to many countries. Russia is one of the best and most important export markets for this best-selling product. Iran sells more than 200 tons of carrots to Russia every day.

After Russia, Uzbekistan and India are the most important export destinations for carrots.

  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Uzbekistan\s India
  • Pakistan
  • Arab independent state
  • Diameter
  • Both Iraq
  • and Kuwait

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