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Order white cabbage + buying, selling and exporting and price list

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order white cabbageFeatures of Iranian white cabbageCabbage packaging in Iran Iranian white cabbage export sites
order white cabbage

It is possible to export and order white cabbage to all European and Asian countries. The price of this product is very affordable. Follow us to order Iranian white cabbage and other agricultural products.

order white cabbage

Dezful is the center of cabbage production in southwest Iran. This very fertile region exports more than 200,000 tons of cabbage to different countries every year.

Everyone knows about the exceptional quality of Dezful kale. Harvesting of this very reliable and best-selling product starts in the middle of January.

And it continues until the end of May. In these five months, we export about 70% of the cabbage produced by Dezful to Russia. ( order white cabbage)

order white cabbage

Features of Iranian white cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that has many benefits. This issue is confirmed by several scientific studies. Cabbage contains a chemical that protects people from the harmful effects of radiation.

In fact, sulforaphane in cabbage helps prevent a number of tumors. Dezful cabbage (order white cabbage) is also useful for treating stomach ulcers, eczema, jaundice, gout, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, migraine and heartache.
Kale is very low in fat and calories.

As a result, it is quite useful in weight loss programs.
On the other hand, white Iranian cabbage treats indigestion and wounds. Regular consumption of cabbage leaves helps to reduce pain – physical and mental. It also reduces the irritability of the body. (order white cabbage)

order white cabbage

Cabbage packaging in Iran

Cabbage is packed in different ways depending on where it goes. In fact, depending on the customer’s order and the country of consumption, it is offered in different packages. We pack this best-selling product in 14 kg nylons for internal and external use.

Iraq orders white cabbage with nylon. Because it is very close to the cabbage harvesting area. 18 cm baskets of Dezful leaf cabbage are ordered by other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. In this type of packaging, we do not remove extra leaves. (order white cabbage)

Russia orders sauerkraut. This type of packaging is designed so that air circulates easily between the cabbages. (Order white cabbage)

In this way, we add three more leaves to the cabbage. These leaves protect the cabbage. It also protects cabbage from damage.

order white cabbage

 Iranian white cabbage export sites

We export Iranian white cabbage to all Persian Gulf countries. The countries of the former Soviet Union are among the other countries that buy Iranian cabbage from us.

We send this product to some European countries due to its exceptional shelf life and capacity to maintain quality (about one month). We also sell Dezful cabbage to consumers in Pakistan and India. (order white cabbage)

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Golbal Trading Group invite you for buy the best product of leeks and summer crops

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