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Order Iranian carrots + Export pricing list for carrots in December 2022

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What season is the harvest of Dezful (Iran) carrots?preparing items for exportThe cost of ordering Iranian carrotsBuy and order Iranian carrots
Iran's carrot export

Contact us to Order Iranian carrots. The export of Dezful carrots starts every year from December. And it will continue until May. We export this product to many countries such as Russia and Persian Gulf countries.

What season is the harvest of Dezful (Iran) carrots?

Dezful is the agricultural center of Iran. which is located in the plain of Khuzestan. Due to its extremely fertile soil and warm climate, this region grows a wide variety of crops during all four seasons.  And the harvest of this product begins in late October. (Order Iranian carrots)

The harvesting of export carrots from Dezful typically continues until the end of May the following year. Obviously, the number of orders from the target countries is substantial in some years. Carrot cultivation and harvesting continues until the end of June.

Order Iranian carrots

preparing items for export

Export of carrots according to the characteristics and guidelines. When exporting carrots from Dezful, we must adhere to a variety of norms and guidelines. so that both the customer and the merchant engage in repeat transactions. (Order Iranian carrots)

The size of the carrots that we package is the first and most essential principle. Carrots less than 15 cm should not be placed in the export basket or nylon. Occasionally, clients will specify that carrots larger than 20 centimeters must be packaged.

A 15 cm long carrot is generally accepted as the standard by most traders. The carrot’s diameter should be at least 2.5 centimeters. We do not put carrots that are deformed or damaged in the box.

According to the country of destination, the packages include 6 kg baskets, 10 kg nylon bags, and 10 kg transparent sacks. We have enabled the printing and distribution of nylons and sacks with the logo and trademark of the customer. (Order Iranian carrots)

Order Iranian carrots

The cost of ordering Iranian carrots

We value agricultural products based on a number of characteristics. In fact, we determine the price of export carrots according to the style of packaging, the amount of loss and waste, and most importantly, the amount of market supply and demand. (Order Iranian carrots)

In fact, the quantity of product demand has a significant impact on price. Due to the aforementioned factors, we cannot offer a fixed carrot export price.

You can contact us to inquire about the daily rate, dear colleagues and businessmen.(Order Iranian carrots)

Order Iranian carrots

Buy and order Iranian carrots

Carrot exportation might be either easy or very complex. Simple in the sense that this product can be obtained from vegetable farms. And it can be challenging, because if you don’t know enough about the kind of carrot, you will incur irreparable loss. (Order Iranian carrots)

To limit the risk of work, the best approach to purchase export carrots is from commercial companies without intermediaries.

We can provide you with a product of superior quality and updated packaging at the lowest price on the market. Contacting our sales specialists is sufficient to place an Order Iranian carrots.

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Golbal Trading Group invite you for buy the best product of leeks and summer crops

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