Iran's carrot export

Order Iranian carrots + Export pricing list for carrots in December 2022

Contact us to Order Iranian carrots. The export of Dezful carrots starts every year from December. And it will continue until May. We export this product to many countries such as Russia and Persian Gulf countries. What season is the harvest of Dezful (Iran) carrots? Dezful is the agricultural center of Iran. which is located […]

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order white cabbage

Order white cabbage + buying, selling and exporting and price list

It is possible to export and order white cabbage to all European and Asian countries. The price of this product is very affordable. Follow us to order Iranian white cabbage and other agricultural products. order white cabbage Dezful is the center of cabbage production in southwest Iran. This very fertile region exports more than 200,000 […]

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Order Iranian carrots

Export carrots + price list and buying and selling in Russia

Contact us to buy exported carrots (Export carrots) directly from Sorting Iran. Carrots are available for export without intermediaries, with high quality and up-to-date packaging and a very reasonable price for export to all countries. Golbal Trading Group is an exporter of summer clothes with a 10-year history. The price of carrots for export to […]

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Iranian white cabbage

White cabbage export + reasonable purchase price

Golbal Trading Group enables the export of white cabbage (White cabbage export) with the best price and the best quality. Contact us for more details. And learn how to identify white cabbage. Export of white cabbage There are different types of cabbage. A member of this family is white cabbage or kale. Other types of […]

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Carrot export

List of December 2022 Carrot Export Prices

Iran’s carrot export starts every year from December. In fact, it will continue until next year. Many countries including Russia and Persian Gulf countries buy this product from Iran. When is the best time to buy Iranian carrots? In terms of agriculture, the center of Iran’s activity is in the city of Dezful and its […]

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iranian white cabbage

Buy and daily price Iranian white cabbage + Purchase order

Buy Iranian white cabbage Some traders introduce Iranian white cabbage as very popular. In our opinion, the characteristics of Iranian white cabbage have made the people of the world love this product. Cabbage is one of the products mainly produced by Iranian farmers. Also, traders export cabbage to several countries. One of the reasons for […]

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Isfahan colored bell pepper

Isfahan, Iran colored bell pepper + buy and price

Isfahan, Iran colored bell pepper Isfahan colored bell pepper is one of the well-known brands in the Middle East. which are cultivated in Iranians. These peppers are available in various colors. Even the northern neighbors of Iran, especially Russia, are among the best customers of various colored bell peppers grown in Isfahan. Colored bell pepper […]

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romano lettuce

Order romaine lettuce from Iran + today’s price

Contact us to buy custom-made romaine lettuce from Iran with the highest quality directly from Sorting located in Iran and at the best price among competitors. Golbal Trading Group is an exporter of vegetables and summer vegetables with 10 years of experience in sending products to Gulf countries and Russia, Armenia Order romaine lettuce from […]

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Sales of broccoli for export

Sales of broccoli for export + the market price per head

Selling broccoli grown for export at the market or Sales of broccoli for export Please contact the Golbal Trading Group’s sales representatives if you are interested in purchasing or selling exported broccoli. In this article. we’re interested in learning more about the markets for buying and selling broccoli. In addition, we’re curious to know more […]

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