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Order romaine lettuce from Irankinds of lettuceromaine lettuce is grown in which areas?Romaine lettuce priceromaine lettuce exporting and packaging all varieties of romaine lettuce
romano lettuce

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Order romaine lettuce from Iran

One of the categories of vegetables that contains a large number of different varieties is lettuce. One of the types of lettuce, known as Romano lettuce, also goes by the names formal lettuce and Roman lettuce. This type of lettuce is quite popular.

romaine lettuce is widely regarded as among the most popular types of lettuce. This is the case in many countries, not just Iran.

This well-liked vegetable is largely to blame for it due to the characteristics that it possesses. In this piece, we’ll walk you through some of the different types of lettuce that are available.

Then, let’s take a closer look at each of the characteristics of the romaine lettuce in more detail.

After we have gained a better understanding of the characteristics of official lettuce, we will investigate the regions that are responsible for its cultivation. Last but not least, we talk about how much official lettuce costs in Iran as well as in other countries in the region.

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romaine lettuce

kinds of lettuce

You might be surprised by the names of some types of lettuce. But you should be aware that Iran is where all of these lettuces are cultivated. They also go to markets where exports are sold.

Of course, only a tiny fraction of these products reach certain niche markets with ready purchasers.

Golbal Trading Group is able to provide you with this assurance since they have more than ten years of expertise exporting summer produce all over the world.

If you require lettuce at any time of the year, they will provide you with all of the available types. We have been able to deliver high-quality items straight from farmers as a result of our experience.

We then provide our customers the best price on the market after classifying the product in accordance with the standards of the country of destination or with their preferences and needs.

romaine lettuce

romaine lettuce is grown in which areas?

romaine lettuce is extremely heat-sensitive. It should therefore be grown in regions with favorable climates that range from cold to moderate.

In Karaj City, Romaine lettuce is grown in the spring. South of Tehran, in the province of Alborz, is Karaj. The springtime in this city is pleasant.

romaine lettuce is still grown in Karaj to the end of the spring. Isfahani farmers are growing this crop as the region begins to heat up.

Early June through late August is the time of year when Romano lettuce can be harvested in Isfahan. At the beginning of September, the Domane district of Isfahan is afflicted with bitterly cold weather. Because of this, the lettuce becomes frozen.

The months of September through December are when Karaj and Varamin once again have Romano lettuce available for purchase. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the farmers in this province start growing romaine lettuce in their fields.

The city of Dezful is located in the Khuzestan province of the country. This city has mild winters with average temperatures. Additionally, lettuce is the crop that has the best chance of flourishing there.

We accept orders for romaine lettuce from clients and business partners throughout the year. To provide you with a product that meets the highest standards of global quality and packaging at the most reasonable market price.

romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce price

The cost of Romaine lettuce and other summer and vegetable products varies greatly. One of the major variables determining the price of Romano lettuce for export is the cost of obtaining agricultural land. Different seasons have various land costs.

The price of authorized lettuce for export is significantly influenced by the market forces of supply and demand.

If the supply is increased while the demand is constant, the price of the product will decline (by cultivating and harvesting more than the amount of demand and customers)

(by cultivating and harvesting more than the amount of demand and customers). On the other side, reducing crop cultivation causes the final price to go up.

As long as the rate of production stays constant, it stands to reason that if the client base declines, so will the selling price of romaine lettuce.

Both the demand and the price are increasing.
The final retail price of Romano lettuce for export also depends on the type of packaging. There are different packaging of exported Romano lettuce available depending on the ordering nation.

The paragraphs that follow will go over the many types of packages for the selling of romaine lettuce for export. We also list the countries that regularly order from various packages.


romaine lettuce
exporting and packaging all varieties of romaine lettuce


romaine lettuce or official export lettuce should be divided into different packing depending on the ordering nation. The businessman’s choices and desires obviously have an effect on this.

brand-named cellophane packaging and a two-row basket
Packaging in a large basket of 18 items without cellophane
branded cellophane and a two-row carton.

Ten sorted lettuces are included in both the carton packaging and the 2-row basket. This form of packaging is utilized by all of the countries in the nation’s north, including Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

Only Arab traders need packaging in a large basket and without cellophane. This style of packaging is delivered to Iraq and the other Persian Gulf countries.

The reason for this is that these countries are close together. The official lettuce is still of high grade and is still nutritious once it has arrived.
Golbal Trading Group is able to comprehend the diversity as well as the preferences of the countries that it is targeting thanks to the depth and breadth of the knowledge it possesses.

in addition to providing appropriate packaging for the premium item. and then sell it to end users at a price that is as low as feasible relative to other sellers in the market.

Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to obtain pricing information and to place an order for romaine lettuce destined for export.



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